Finding a Nondiet and/or Intuitive Eating Practitioner



Gurze Books - Free Resource Catalogue - 100s of self-help books, free articles, treatment facility listings, and more. Check out Big Fat Lies and The Rules of Normal Eating.
Pearlsong Press - wonderful novels with heroines that are not forced into the traditional mold for beauty. Expand your horizons! We also recommend Taking Up Space by Thomas.


Retreats to Learn Intuitive Eating

Green Mountain at Fox Run - a women's retreat for healthy living without dieting.


Breaking Free with Geneen Roth - author of original 1984 book-tapes, books, etc

Overcoming Overeating - ending body hatred and dieting- books, tapes, online communities

Healthy Weight Network - weight and eating resources by experts

HUGS for Better Health - nondiet program and book


On-Line Communities

Overcoming Overeating - for anyone actively using Overcoming Overeating nondiet tools


Recommended Blogs

Freedom from Emotional Eating - dedicated to helping people care for their emotions, enjoy food and accept themselves unconditionally.


Body Image

Healthy Body Image - healthy body image for children.
Body Positive: Boosting Body Image  at Any Weight
Real Women Project


Joyful Movement (Yoga, Etc)

Lisa On Yoga - yoga, tips to heal body loathing

Abundant Yogini - healing yoga instruction in Philadelphia

Red Mountain Transformational Experience - yoga, palates, counseling, teaching in Philadelphia


Eating Disorders

Something Fishy - lots of information about recovery

Eating Disorder Survival Guide for Parents

Payson Road - resources, tools, information, support groups-focus on recovery through creativity


Health At Every Size (HAES)

First, Do No Harm - information about bias in obesity research

Council on Size and Weight Discrimination


For Professionals

Molly Kellogg - supervision/workshops to help professionals with nondiet work



Food Phobic Nation - with all the fear about food, what happened to common sense?


Alternative Nutrition

Susun Weed - herbalist and author, herbal medicine healing, how to make home remedies.

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