"Therefore, the work of detecting and responding to physical hunger or fullness must include tuning in to our unmet needs on an emotional and spiritual level and tending to these needs with strong boundaries and mutually respectful "no's" to others and "yes's" to ourselves. When we are able to avoid depletion by saying "no" in life, it becomes much easier to say: "No thank you, I am satisfied with a 'just right' feeling of fullness.""

From Why Can't I Tell When I'm Full, Stay Attuned, October 2007

Amy Tuttle, RD, LCSW

Amy is a Registered Dietitian and Licensed Clinical Social Worker who is in private practice in the Philadelphia area, with offices in two convenient locations.

As a nutrition therapist, Amy has been treating adolescents and adults for the past 15 years --both women and men -- with eating and weight struggles, including eating disorders.

Prior to starting her private practice, Amy worked as the lead nutritionist at The Renfrew Center, a mental health facility specializing in the treatment of women with eating disorders. There she was instrumental in developing the Body Balance Program which offered large woman an effective, compassionate alternative to dieting. She continues this work in her private practice.

She has two offices in the Philadelphia area located in:

Several nutrition therapists who specialize in treating those with eating issues work with Amy.

If you have questions regarding Amy's nutrition therapy practice, or would like to make an appointment, please call 215-248-9770, visit her website or email amyt @ nourishingconnections.com.