Freedom from Food and Weight Problems???!!!

      What, exactly, is that like?

        What do I need to do?

        How do I break free from these struggles?

The Problems with Dieting!

       Why We Don't Promote Dieting

        What is Diet Trauma and How Do I Recover?

What is it like? Do you remember a time when you:

·        didn't count calories, carbohydrate or fat grams or worry about correct portion sizes?

·        ate when you felt hungry and stopped eating when you felt full and satisfied? 

·        coped with difficult issues and feelings without using disordered eating behaviors?

·        felt comfortable in your own skin?

·        played and moved for fun instead of exercised to lose weight?

What do you need to do to re-claim this same freedom, peace and confidence with food, weight and your body  now?

  • Quit dieting. Free yourself from diets, meal plans and diet surveillance groups. Know what and how much to eat without the external controls (diets, good foods/bad foods, etc) society says are so necessary.

  • Let go of disordered eating behaviors (emotional eating, restricting, binging, purging, obsessing, etc.) while honoring & understanding the good reasons for them. 

  • Return to and trust your natural ability to eat when hungry and quit when satisfied (attuned eating).  Work with versus against your hunger. 

  • Learn to use this "internally-regulated eating" to reach and maintain your natural weight.

  • Lessen body hatred.  Come home to your body.

  • Mobilize and overcome exercise resistance (“movement molasses”). Free yourself from over-exercising. Be lean, fit and healthy by never exercising again.  Return to play.

  • Identify and satisfy other hungers and needs in your life.  As you learn to say “yes” (or “no”) when you do (or do not) want food, you will also learn to say “yes” (or “no”) in other areas of your life. As your relationship with food changes, so will your life.

  • Move towards health,  balance and what you want in life.

Ultimately, you will become an attuned eater.

How to I Break Free From These Struggles?

Become an attuned eater! We can help you:

Why We Don't Promote Dieting

We  used to put people on diets, as we were taught to do. It did not take long to realize that there was no magic in dieting. In fact, it became painfully obvious that dieting is fraught with failure, heartache, and deprivation.

Simply put, we learned that diets cause problems, including:

  • intense preoccupation with food

  • powerful food cravings

  • deprivation-driven eating

  • compulsive eating

  • eating disorders

Diets not work 95% of the time. Diets cause weight gain. (Are you larger today than when you first dieted? Most people blame themselves. Professionals even blame the dieters! Even though research proves without a doubt that diets do not work!) We believe that promoting dieting is unethical.

What is Diet Trauma and How Do I Recover?