Wikipedia notes that Karin is one of the main figures in a national movement which calls attention to the futility of dieting and encourages attuned eating, joyful movement and self acceptance.


From an article published in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin called Overall Health More Critical Than Body Size by Alann Titchenal & Joannie Dobbs.

"Kratina stresses health in the broadest sense, including emotional, physical and spiritual health, self-acceptance, enjoyment of eating to satisfy hunger and nutrient needs (rather than a diet plan), enjoyment of physical activity and the acceptance that one's body weight has nothing to do with other aspects of character and value.

The focus on health rather than diets and an "ideal" body weight can help prevent food obsessions and an overly self-conscious attitude.

Being sedentary is more damaging to health and longevity than being overweight."


Research and Such

How many people do you know that are larger today than the day they went on their first diet? Most of them, right? This is because dieting increases your risk of future weight gain.

And, interestingly enough, plenty of research shows that dieting does not result in lasting weight loss and can cause weight gain, but few people are talking about that research.

As we shift from diet mentality to attuned eating, we need support challenging the omni-present diet mentality. This is why Research and Such was created.

Review Research and Such for mind-shifting research, ideas, articles and stories. Get support to leave diet mentality behind and live the life of freedom as an attuned eater.

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