When we accept ourselves as we are today and gradually proceed to make the changes we want for ourselves, we have more power to recreate our lives. When we are self-accepting, we love ourselves for not being perfect already. The burden of self-rejection makes it very hard to change our lives.
~ Yogi Desai


“Accepting my size is my personal solution to society’s weight problem.”
affirmation from Live Large!, by Cheri K. Erdman, EdD

Stay Attuned to Learn Intuitive Eating!

Intuitive eating has been referred to by a number of names including mindful eating, the nondiet approach, and the term we like, attuned eating. Stay Attuned was designed for just that--to help you stay attuned to yourself as you change your relationship with food. Following are some examples of Stay Attuned. Make sure to sign up to get every issue!

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From Body Talk, Stay Attuned, April 2006:

"These self-deprecating thoughts and comments are not facts, are not feelings, and are not even truths. It is difficult to challenge and move beyond these thoughts and comments. Even those of us who have lost weight have found that these thoughts, feelings, and beliefs do not necessarily change—the “fat feelings” persist.

Fat is not a feeling. “I feel fat” is never about the size of your body. It is not about your weight. Even if you are really large, it is not about that fatness! Our bodies are containers for our feelings. Difficult and uncomfortable feelings are felt as “fat feelings.” Some of the most powerful work you will do in your recovery is finding out exactly what feelings are behind the fat feelings.