"Remember, telling the body and especially the soul that you are not supposed to have that food, that you are not entitled to pleasure, creates the healthy rebellion against deprivation that unfortunately often leads to overeating.'

From What Do I Really Want: The Heart of the Work, Stay Attuned.

What Is Attuned Eating?

After promoting diets that caused short term weight loss, but did not work over the long haul and seeing first hand the damage that dieting causes, we learned about attuned eating.

Slowly, we began to shift our focus to an attuned eating approach. We started telling others about our successes, and found other healthcare practitioners were making these same changes, with equal success.

This attuned eating approach is often called intuitive eating, or mindful eating or the “nondiet” approach. (Be careful though, many "nondiets" are actually diets in disguise, including some commercial weight loss programs.)

Attuned eating occurs when you are in touch with and trust your body's signals of hunger, fullness and satisfaction, and you are able to use those signals to successfully manage your eating and your weight.

To help you understand attuned eating, use this handout to compare attuned eating (the nondiet approach) with traditional dieting. Attuned eating will provide you with the freedom around food and weight that you have been seeking.

Attuned Eating Is Highly Effective

We have found this approach highly effective at helping people with eating and weight struggles (including those with disordered eating, anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder) and have specialized in this approach for the past 20 years. 

Our web site is dedicated to bringing you the information that will help you become an attuned eater. Start today: